Platform frame

Meet the needs of one user alone
variation deployment.

Rigidity, in the center of the platform frame as a core that combines vibration absorption, it is possible to the specifications to suit the user in the unit selection.

Folding-fixed / width size

While using a common frame, folding type stationary (rigid) type, also three stages adults width size (360,380,400) of the corresponding children’s 300 width size.

Electric unit

Furthermore, Yamaha electric unit, Alba made electric (assist) unit,
also supports Alba made stair lift scalar Mobil.

  • JWX-1 PLUS+
  • JWX-2
Alber Japan
  • e-fix
  • twion
  • Scalar Mobil SM-S35

Various options group

Selection and foot support shape of the combined brake position to the user,
also respond flexibly to the caster size of attention (shape).

  • Magnesium wheel
  • Pivoting armrests
  • Fall prevention unit
  • Assistance handle
  • Fall before the backrest
  • Fixed hook
Specifications select
  • Frame Color Selection
  • Cushion color selection
  • The sheet width 3 + 1 step selection
  • Rear sitting height three-stage selection
  • Back support angle adjustment
  • Foot support 4 type selection
  • The main wheel mounting position adjustment
  • Camber angle two-stage selection
  • Caster mounting position adjustment
  • The back seat width adjustment
  • seat width adjustment