Introduction of new products FA01, RA01

It is a guide of the new products FA01, RA01.?
FA01 folding type of wheelchair with a rigidity comparable to rigid (fixed cars) by welding-less structure.?
RA01 is safety, as it is the comfort, is further fixed (rigid) type of wheelchair that has evolved to meet the user’s needs.

FA01, RA01 is rigid, the core that combines vibration-absorbing?platform frame?is adopted, it is possible to the specifications to suit the user in the unit selection.

One-of-a-kind car of state-of-the-art processing technology utilizing sophisticated form the to you.


During the exhibition at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition HCR2017!

FA01, RA01 is exhibited at our booth of “HCR HCR2017” to be held from today, you can your test drive.?
Please Experience by all means a new product that sticks to the safety and peace of mind.?A large number of We look forward to your visit!

■ Dates: 09 May 27, 2017 (Wed.) to September 29 (Fri.)
■ Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Exhibition Hall
■ booth number: 6-20-05

It has published a state of the exhibition on the official Facebook page.?Also check this.

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