Design Concept

All, in order of safety

You who are active out to actively society, will continue to develop as a “partner” to help.

Semiconductor-related equipment manufacturing and robot Related parts of the production has been developed over many years taking advantage of the know-how of precision processing technology in all Made in Japan of peace of mind confidence, safety will deliver.”


Welding less integral frame

Structures that do not use the welding

Completely prevent damage accidents caused by welding out

Reference photograph of the weld bead

Normal wheelchair creates a body with welded pipe. However, in the case of welding one day suddenly, it exists not a little could no longer be stuck with broken weld portion of the body. So YOSIZUKA adopts a structure that does not use the welding, was the possibility of welding off to zero.

  • Pursuit of individuality and originality

    Because of the fastening structure that is not the weld, you can change the order of the color variation maid, in every part of the color. The production fast delivery after the order became possible.

    View color customization

  • Economy

    For structures without welding, easily replaceable pipe and Puremu. Maintenance cost savings of : any chance wheelchair does not need to Kaikaeru each body also damaged, you can reduce dramatically the cost in exchange of only parts. Growth corresponding type: after the purchase is also possible to change the car width to suit the user. Replace the parts in accordance with the growth of the child, it can maintain a state in which always fit the body without Kaikaeru the body to the new. Reduction of the economic burden. It will lead to the reduction of social security costs.

Necessity for safety


Thorough quality control and maintenance

To produce a variety of testing machine in-house for quality retention, it has been tested in accordance with JIS standard

Running durability testing machine
Impact tester
High-precision processing technology YOSIZUKA even in lightweight model realized 220.5lb load capacity

General steel lightweight






Generally made of aluminum alloy






※1 aluminum pipe type welding-less structure (sheet, including wheel)



Their production, including up to wheel

Implement the wheel production in one of the few company among the manufacturers.Precisely because it is difficult to manufacture parts, achieve a certain quality and safety in their own hands.

Except ※ plastic standard wheel

To all wheelchair userswe want to provide maximum safety and security.

For feeding even with confidence to overseas as well as domestic, YOSIZUKA will stick to Made in Japan.Poured into the latest machining and assembly technology throughout the product, to all users ” peace of mind “said “ safety delivers”.